Renovate Yourself with Roshina

The Down To Earth, Practical Psychic, Here To Help You Shape Your Future

A Psychic Tells Your Future Right? But What If She Taught You How To Change It Too?

Self Development and Personal Wellbeing Coaching

Meditation Vision Journeys

Release the Past – Embrace the Now – Shape the Future

Find Yourself – Find Your Path

One Face

Many Avenues

One Goal

Renovate Your Life

Psychic Medium, Intuitive and Tarot Readings

Spiritual Development Education

Shadow Self and Inner Child Work For Beginners and Beyond

Past Life Exploration

Roshina Is Based Near the Capital of the Highlands, Inverness, On The Picturesque Black Isle, Where She Works As A Psychic Medium, Self Development Coach and Educator With Locals, Tourists and Online Clients Worldwide, Alongside Her Work To Develop A Soul Community In The Heart of the Highlands