Flashback to the 90’s – An old soul found her way to earth once again and began a journey of commitment to make a difference to the world around her – From a young age she had great empathy for others and had a great bond with all life around her, human, animal and nature alike – She was the peacekeeper amongst friends even in her earliest years, looking out for the underdog in all areas of life – She was fascinated by the night’s sky and looked longingly to the stars, always believing in something more

During her school years, Roshina never found herself fitting in, through personal experiences of loss, bullying, health difficulties and hardship throughout life, her heart did not turn cold, instead it seemed to grow, and with it, her passion and purpose to support others to reach their best and heal from their past blossomed

2011 Roshina first appeared in the public eye offering readings to online communities within the UK and further afield, with a client base slowly growing to reach other continents, going on from this to teach spiritual development and lead an open circle alongside 1:1 readings in Greater London

Through the 2010s Roshina’s base moved to the Scottish Highlands, closer to her familial and spiritual roots where what she has to offer only continues to grow – She began to use her intuitive and empathetic gifts, alongside life experience to help others find their way, shed their darkness and progress in life

Flash forward to the present day, marking the 10 year anniversary of Roshina’s presence to the public, Roshina Readings has evolved in to what we now know as Renovate Yourself, with Roshina – The home of your personal growth