Roshina offers blended readings using a variety of skills and techniques to bring forth what you need to hear and understand at this time

Online Readings

From £20.00

Messenger / WhatsApp

Past Life Discovery

From £30.00

Discover Your Past Lives And How They Impact The Now

Online Tarot Party

Tarot via Audio Call For Small Groups

(Ticketed or Private Booking)

In Your Inbox

From £10.00

Basic Tarot Report

Basic Numerology Report

Past Life Intro Report

Full Reports

From £30.00

New Year – Year Ahead Tarot Report

Birthday – Year Ahead Tarot Report

Face to Face

From £30.00

Suspended due to the Covid-19 Pandemic

Face to Face Readings Likely To Reconvene From 2022

Sessions In Glasgow and Greater London Available On Request

Personal Tarot Video

From £40.00

Skills and Connections Behind The Reading


intuitive connection to a persons energy


connection to loved ones and visiting spirits

Spirit Guides

connection to guides, guardians and angels


interpretation of images and symbology