Also Available…

Release Work and Blockages

Feeling blocked or stuck? Anxiety or guilt holding you back? Can’t let go of the past? One to one sessions designed to help you work out the root cause and begin to release it to progress in your life to enable you to move onwards and upwards 


Private meditation channeled uniquely for you with an option to focus on body calm and relaxation or unlocking your mind and subconscious – Available as an ongoing plan, one offs and from the comfort of your own home

Available to individuals and small groups

Past Life Discovery

Whilst not in a traditional regression or hypnosis setting, Roshina is able to connect into your soul and higher self to read into elements of your past lives, whether this be for curiosity or to better understand things in this life

Shadow Self and Inner Child Work

Shadow Self – Embrace your darkness to bring it into the light, our shadow is often different or hurt, rather than dark – Release the negative, renew how you see yourself and restore your troubled parts – We can learn from our shadow

Inner Child – Heal your inner child, break patterns and cycles to unlock your inner joy