About Roshina

…Not Your Average Name, Not Your Average Psychic

Once “just” a psychic, with clients across most continents, Roshina has aligned with her path to bring you so much more from her intuitive gifts

Whilst Roshina does work as a traditional psychic medium and tarot reader, her work far from stops here – Roshina has paired the hard hitting truths of what you need to hear, with a warm and gentle disposition for the past decade

With the compelling intuitive ability of understanding your personal needs, Roshina tackles your life struggles and blockages to help you locate, create and walk the path to your best self, and best life – Bringing insight into both your personal and spiritual journeys, illuminating your potential, as well as how you stand in your own way

A far cry from the fortune telling stereotype, Roshina uses her abilities to address how to shape the future you want by adapting the now – Your future is not set in stone, Roshina is here to provide a helping hand to empower you to claim it and change it

Alongside Roshina’s practical support, she offers traditional spiritual support including mediumship connection to your loved ones, as well as your higher and past self where requested – Connect to your loved ones, and yourself

With a vast array on offer, Roshina has the ideal session or course for you – From personal readings using a variety of techniques including psychic and mediumistic gifts, tarot reading and intuition, to ongoing personal coaching to open your eyes to your needs, obstacles and direction – From meditational release work to personal and spiritual gift development and so much more – Open your eyes to your inner Shadow, heal your Inner Child, truly know YOU

Embrace the chance to take your life into your own hands, there is more out there than fate, and it takes real, involved effort, and Roshina is here to help you on your journey as you renovate yourself from the ashes, to the vessel your soul truly deserves – From the Heart and Soul of the Highlands, to your Heart and Soul, worldwide

If that’s not enough for you, Roshina is also known as an educator and public speaker specialising in spiritual development, spirituality and wellbeing, facilitating workshops, classes and events spanning various topics, from self care, to tarot tuition, to inner empowerment and self recognition

Roshina prides herself on her approachable nature and new clients often walk away feeling as though they have met with an old friend – Many have found her work style different, but refreshing, we hope you feel the same

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