Different But Refreshing

Roshina considers every session a journey and every client an individual with a full background of emotion, history and opinion, in a session with Roshina you will always be wholly accepted and supported through the journey you work through together, be it online or face to face

Working In The Now

Whilst she can provide insight into your future, unlike others, Roshina aims to focus as much of your session as possible in the present to shape the here and now and allow you more control of your life

​It is all very well to hear messages about your future, but it is more important to learn how to get yourself there, and to where you want to be, than to leave a session with hope, but no true idea how to move forwards

Roshina will work through topics of your choice to ensure the best use of your time together

Gentle But Firm

Roshina is always mindful of her clients emotions and wellbeing when working, but it is a known fact that she is not here to tell you what you want, but what you need to hear

In sessions with Roshina you will often be challenged to help yourself move forwards and make the best of your life, to step towards your greatest potential, to face things to help you move on in life

It is not uncommon that you will both laugh and cry by the end of a session with Roshina, but she will be there to support you from start to end, there is nothing to be afraid of

On-Going Client Dynamic

Whilst Roshina does offer one time readings, she also offers a more personal experience for clients who plan to work with her on a regular basis – She will never simply see you as a client, she will see you on a personal level

To some extent, Roshina views herself as “on call” to clients – Simply put, your experience does not end when the clock ticks over and you are welcome to contact for follow up support

Roshina aims to ensure accessibility to the many, rather than the few offering you value for money

Roshina aims to provide a refreshing and therapeutic experience where sad tears turn happy and confusion turns to laughter, her aim? To always do what she can to put you at ease – No question too small or too silly, when you are working with Roshina you are free to be yourself