Terms and Conditions

  • ​Arriving on time for your session is your own responsibility – If you are more than 5 minutes late for a short session or more than 10 minutes late for an hour session your session may need to be rebooked (this may incur a small fee)
  • Whilst sessions are available to clients internationally, bookings will be made in GMT – Anyone booking sessions from time-zones outside of the UK are responsible for ensuring they arrive at the correct time
  • If you fail to arrive for your appointment you will incur a fee to reschedule – If you choose not to rebook you will be forfeiting your payment
  • Refunds are not available in any circumstances, in some cases your payment may be transferred but this should not be assumed
  • If an event or booking is rescheduled by Roshina your payment will be transferred automatically with no additional charges, if you are unable to make a new date you will be offered a voucher for services equal to or greater than your booking
  • If a fair degree of notice is given, you will be able to reschedule a booking free of charge 

By attending and or paying for a booking you automatically agree to the terms and conditions listed above and in the disclaimer